Saturday, December 07, 2013

Ms Navi Timbryln

It's baptism day!
She's been so excited waiting for this day to arrive. We started the morning off with gifts and big smiles. She really wanted a locket and Aunt Katrina delivered just that and book marks and a scripture marker, picture frame and of course the cute décor!
She was also given the cutest scripture bag and new scriptures with her name engraved from Grandma and Grandpa Wininger....and don't forget the dress! Just wait and see....she looks beautiful.
 Our sweet wet little thing all shivering cold and clean..... I guess the water was pretty cold.

So happy for you sweetheart, you have the most kind and pure heart, you bring such a light into our family. You teach me so much. I love you Navi.
And here is all who attended today with the exception of one bishopric member and the primary president.

After we all settled in for some games, yummy food and lots of laughs!

... and here is the cute décor by the one and only Katrina~
these pictures were an after thought so I'm sorry it just doesn't do justice.


Friday, December 06, 2013

Family Pictures 2013

Luke AFB, Arizona 2013

A little different and non-traditional, just the way I like them. My sweet sister Katrina took the time to squeeze in taking our family pictures while she was down here for Navi's baptism. Life is always crazy and we ran out of daylight with in 5 minutes but with some awesome team work we got some. I love my little family and these pictures.
'Couple' pictures just always seem to happen when I'm around this guy. We were freezing if you can't tell by our red noses, the temperature dropped around the 50's this weekend. These are just a few I'll post our pics here.

Thank you Sissy :)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Our last days in Germany

Wow, it's been a while. I think I'm ready to sit down and try to put all these memories into place with the help of my never ending pictures. These may be out of order but they are our memories.
I'll start with this woman, Isabell Zinn. She's been doing my hair for the last 3 years in Otterberg, Germany. She's someone I call my friend and will miss her dearly. This was us after my last hair appointment a couple weeks before moving state side.
 This was Mother's day 2013, we walked to Vogelweh Bowling Center for some good old fashion bowling. Very low key and a very enjoyable day :)

I'm so blessed to be the mother to these four littles! I love watching them grow up into some pretty special spirits.
That is our  "unaccompanied baggage" it goes ahead of us, in the hopes that it gets to our new base around the same time we do. It's full of some of the things you need while waiting on your "house hold goods" to arrive, which is basically your entire house in boxes. We had to go to the shipping yard to watch them seal the crates as a security measure taken to prevent theft.
 Haha! I have the best kids ever! They were such a help on helping me clean and get ready for check out. It's not very strict but I tend to be a little over the top and just make sure there is NOTHING they could come back and say we needed to fix or clean. Here we are washing the walls...EVERYONE of them.
 In between packing our belongings, and scrubbing the house, we also had kids in school. Kenya had her first band concert and did such an amazing job. Her band teacher had nothing but wonderful things to say about her and her natural talent. He pretty much aggressively, yet so politely told us we would be doing her a disservice if we didn't keep her continuing on in band. :) No worries there, she loves it. 
 Mr Maverick Graduated Kindergarten!

 We also had to send Harold ahead of us by about a month, we bathed him and got him ready for his very long flight straight through to Colorado were my mom would drive up and pick him up for us. I hate flying him, he hates being alone :(
 The big guy has no idea, I love ya buddy :)
 Logan, Gage and Maverick
 We helped the Jackson's get ready for their moving day
 Dinner break!
 We snuck in a few last minute play dates, Maverick went over to his buddy's house, Cameo and Navi had some girlfriends over and we began our goodbyes.
 One thing military families do a lot are yard sales. We have weight limits on our moves so its always a de-junking time. Here we have our 3 little helpers selling their hearts out! ;) Oh, it was so funny listening to them!
 Aside from the crazy schedules and so many appointments all bundled together as a part of PCSing we kept a count down going to help keep us focused and organized. This day was a HUGE day. It meant the single digits were on their way. It was 3 years to the day that our kids had been out of the country. American soil was soon going to be under their feet and they were SO EXCITED!
 PCS season was in full swing for so many families on base, our wonderful friends the Jacksons were on their last days in Germany as well and this was Robby and Seth at their good bye BBQ.
 Ms Callie & Ms Navi of course!
Mr Maverick enjoy the oreos! 

 Our reality :) It was a crazy....good one. We slept on the living room floor, we had cleaned out room by room and didn't want to fuss with redoing any clean up so the last few days in the house we lived out of the down stairs.

 Check out day.
This was the day we checked out of our house, we did the walk through (passed with flying colors) and we moved into the hotel. We only had our BMW since we shipped Vinni a while back, so Maverick had quite the compact ride from the Volgelweh base to Ramstein.
 We actually had to do this in "car loads" between all the luggage and four kids with a 4 seated car we made it happen. When Mr Brady and Maverick checked us in he was given his very own hotel card.

 There it is, Our final temporary home in Germany. I really didn't realize how much I was going to miss it there. I knew I would, I just didn't know it would be this much, but I think Navi knew before we ever left. Every good bye was very emotional for her. Those tears are for our last home, the final goodbye to her teachers and friends and I think just overall emotions from all the commotion and unknown. We were on a constant learning curve during this PCS.
One of Mr Brady's last day's at work they gave him his squadron plaque.  
 Our hotel was like a 3 bed 2 bath apartment. It was very nice, this was Kenya and Cameo's room. Can you tell we were loving the new adventures headed our way?!
 Yes, even in the hotel we got to keep Callie for one more night. Taking this picture I was choking back tears. She is like another daughter to me and I knew their hearts would be breaking the next day when they would have to say goodbye for a long time.
 On our last day we went bowling [shocking I know ;)] but we had always wanted to go bowling Bradys VS Allen's and it was so much fun!
 The official last day in was bitter sweet.
After bowling we went to the park, went home and bathed all the kiddos, packed the suitcases which had to be checked in the day before and we wrote gma's phone number on all the kid's arms incase they were lost in the air port hustle and bustle.